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fredag 23. mai 2014


Anonym skrev 21. mai 2014:

I never felt I belonged anywhere. No matter where I was, the feeling of restlessness always hunted me. Until I met you. The way you looked into my eyes I felt peaceful for the first time. The first time I saw every city I’ve ever wanted to visit, was with you. The first time I heard someone say “I love you”, was with you.  When no one else was there for me, you said “everything is going to be alright”. You were always there, since you left the meaning of lost have never been so clear. All the most beautiful moments of my life was with you. Now you’re gone. 
I waited for one and a half year. That you one day would wake up and realize how beautiful I am. What you had lost. Then to understand that it is not you who is supposed to realize that, it’s me. We need to understand, we cannot be beautiful around a human that brings the worst out of us. .  You can only kill darkness with light, if a human brings darkness over your life; the only thing you can do is to step out of the darkness. 
Time and life waits for no one.
Understanding we still have a lot of feelings is not because of we care about each other in a romantic way but because of all the experiences and moments we shared together. Moving on is understanding that all those things are over, time and life waits for no one and living in the past is the recipe of a miserable life.
Realizing those moments are gone. They were once real. The things you said. The things I sad. The love I had for you were once real, now it is just a factionary movie I have glorified for so long. Hanging on to the things once were said in the fear that no one else might never say them again. The fear that maybe no one else may never say and feel that way about me again. I hang on to the words you once said while I’m drowning; drowning in a hope of love.

Jeg saa at andre hadde sendt inn innlegg.. Skrev dette diktet, paa engelsk..

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